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Visual Arts Ministry

The mission of Coker’s Visual Arts Ministry is to value the significance of visual imagery in individual spiritual formation and faith development; to encourage visual arts in the life of the congregation; and, to offer visual displays that invite participation in the reign of God by the larger community.

Visual Arts - A Ministry Older Than You Thought

Even though the Visual Arts Ministry is fairly new to Coker, expressions of faith through the visual arts have been an important aspect of religion for centuries. A trip to the Holy Land in April gave several of our members a greater appreciation for the importance of religious art and its powerful inspiration for Christians throughout the ages. Additionally, religious art's impact on non-Christians and non-believers is another way to connect them to God. Art created out of a desire to honor God can be found in astonishing places - like the gate to the Basilica of Gethsemane or the Coker Cemetery gate. The architecture outside churches throughout the world including Coker's prominent Sanctuary is beautiful. There is loveliness in an Italian master's Madonna and child as well as the impressionistic Madonna and child that San Antonio artist Brother Cletus created for our Sanctuary Narthex. Take time daily to notice and enjoy the art all around you! More often than not, art is bursting with rich meaning and surprising insight. Just as new insights can emerge from rereading familiar passages in the Bible, visual art of all kinds can continue to enrich your thoughts, reflections, and understanding each time you view them. As you visit various places on the Coker campus keep an eye out for places of inspiration and beauty! 

~John Gaska, Visual Arts Ministry


It’s time for our artists to prepare for Coker’s Advent Art Exhibit. The exhibit is from November 27 to December 18.  This year’s exhibit is open to artworks submitted by anyone.  The theme this year is “Images of the Messiah: Christ in Our World Today.” The inspiration for Coker’s Advent exhibit focuses on images of Christ as He might appear to us today.  This may be a figurative interpretation or images of other ways Christ reveals himself to us today.  Feel free to also use scripture referenced in Handel’s Messiah (Part 1) as further inspiration: Isaiah 7:14, 9:2,6, 35:5-6, 40:4-5,9,&11 60:1-3; Haggai 2:6-7, Malachi 3:1-3, Zecharaiah 9:9-10; Luke 2:8-11,13-14; Matthew 1:23, 11:28-30.  Artists may submit no more than three pieces. Due to space limitations, not all artwork may be displayed.

For more information and to enter artwork, click on the flyer and entry form below.


Advent Art Exhibit Flyer

Art Entry Form