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Sunday School

Coker offers many different classes for adults, youth, and children, as well as nursery childcare. (See below).
Here is a campus map with photos of all of the buildings and rooms.

Classes for Adults - 9:30 am

Becomers -- Wesley 704

For couples and singles with children and grandchildren, this class features Bible studies interspersed with studies of Christian issues. The class includes shared teaching and guest speakers. With mission minded, service-oriented members, the class has monthly fellowships and an annual retreat.

Friends in Faith -- Wesley 806

All are welcome in this class for friends and families of faith-based Biblical principles and Christian fellowship. A variety of studies and social activities encourage discussion, sharing, and life application principles to enrich our relationships and faith.

Fellowship -- Wesley Building Room 803

Couples/singles of all ages are welcome. Bible studies and contemporary issues are explored and teaching/discussion leadership rotates . Also included are regular social events and an annual retreat.

BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) -- Epworth Building Room 306

Parents of young children and young adults are welcome. 

Koinonia -- Wesley Building Room 802

A mixed group of active adults, this class of rotating  teachers, uses contemporary works and Bible to prepare for Christian living. Prayer and lively discussions build a great sense of community.Some of the ministries supported are Habitat for Humanity, Christian Assistance Ministry, Food Bank, and Mission Outreach projects.

New Spirit -- Wesley Building Room 804

Couples/singles of all ages are welcome. The class focus is "to deepen our faith through a better understanding of the Bible and fellowship with fellow Christians." 

Questors -- Coker Chapel

This is the largest adult class with mature adults, singles and couples. Lessons are wide-ranging and varied. Both members and Guest speakers teach. Hospitality and socials are important to the class, along with an annual retreat.

Seekers -- Wesley Building Room 801

Couples and singles of various ages are "seekers" of understanding, exploring faith, church, and everyday life in this class. Discussions of Bible and Christianity in our daily lives. Class discussions are of the Bible and Christianity in daily life. An active fellowship provides a place of belonging and support, and visitors are always welcome.

John Wesley -- Wesley Building Room 703

For Senior adults, this class uses and  International Bible Study series. Teachers will alternate, and class enjoys great fellowship, mutual support, and many socials.

Women of Faith -- Wesley Building Room 805 

 For women of all ages and stages of life. Lessons follow the weekly Lectionary scripture text using the Upper Room Disciplines or topical studies, with special studies for Advent and Lent. The class includes mall group discussions and sharing prayer joys and concerns, along with occasional social activities.


Classes for Youth - 9:30 am

6th Grade -- Gibbs Building Room 1108

7th and 8th Grades -- Gibbs Building Room 1109

High School -- Gibbs Building Room 1106 


Classes for Children - 9:30 am

Grades 1 through 5 -- Rooms change weekly; Follow the footprints to your class.

* Sunday School classrooms may change during the summer, if so, please follow the signs.

Special needs -- Gym Building Room 402

Kindergarten -- Bertha Jones Building Room 202

4-year-olds -- Bertha Jones Building Room 206

3-year-olds -- Bertha Jones Building Room 206

2-year-olds and potty-trained -- Bertha Jones Building Room 104


Babies and Toddlers

Nursing moms are welcome in Wesley Building Room 701, 8:15 am to 12:00 noon.


Childcare for Babies and Toddlers

8:15 am -- Nursery available in Wesley Building Room 701 from 3 months to kindergarten age

9:30 am -- Infant (3 to 18 months) Wesley Building Room 701

11:00 am -- Nursery available in Wesley Building Room 701 from 3 months to kindergarten age